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Competitive Dance Team Members


Being a member of the Company will require commitment, hard work, and enthusiasm. Competitions and conventions will introduce each dancer to other styles of teaching and choreography with some of the top studios and instructors in the world. Our goal is not to focus on winning, but to push each member to their full dance potential.



As a member of the SG Company, there are requirements each dancer must meet. 
1. Signing a contract for the year, agreeing to all rules and regulations at Studio Geaux. 
2. Dancer must be enrolled in the Summer Session classes for their age level at the studio.
3. Must attend Choreography rehearsals. 
4. He or she will be required to attend competitions chosen for the season. We will attend 1-3 competitions. 
5. Financially responsible for all dance tuition, competition fees, team attire/costumes, and extra practices if needed. 
6. Must be enrolled in dance classes for their age level at the studio as well as the required Company Member Classes. Tumbling and Hip Hop not required. 
7. Dancers can miss 3 routine rehearsal classes from September through May. No more than 3 absences will be allowed. More info about this will be in information packet.




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